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Plump up your lips and wrinkles in just a few minutes without hematoma



Pain-free hyaluronic acid treatments

How to enlarge your lips and fill your wrinkles lastingly in Nice?


A new “needle-free injection” technique is coming to Nice, at the EstheMed practice! No more pain, fear of the needle, anesthesia and the unpleasant consequences of certain hyaluronic acid injections.

In a few minutes, PAIN-FREE and without needles, plump up your lips while keeping a very natural look... A lifting effect, a doll's mouth, a dazzling smile for many weeks and at a lower cost!

What areas can be treated with hyaluronic acid without injection?

* The lips, upper and lower, very natural effect with a much more "puffed up" effect, it's you who choose

*Nasolabial folds (wrinkles that run from the nose to the sides of the mouth)

What areas CANNOT be treated with this method?

* The temples

* Forehead

* The backs of the hands

How does hyaluronic acid filler work without injections?

Using a special needle-free device, hyaluronic acid is pressurized with compressed air and then “injected” into the lips. The acid used is exactly the same as that used during injection filler. Around ten propulsion points spaced a few millimeters apart will gently insert subdermal hyaluronic acid, which will remain for approximately 2 months.

Does filler without injections hurt?

No not at all. A slight tingling sensation may be felt a few hours after treatment, like small tingling. We will talk more about an annoyance than a pain, which according to people is 1 to 3 on a scale of 10, so really very VERY bearable. No anesthesia is necessary.

What are the consequences of plumping without injection?

Generally, no discomfort apart from a feeling of heat and tingling is felt after treatment except in a few rare cases. Edema, sometimes asymmetric, may appear within 24 hours. It will disappear on its own in the coming days. This is a benign and painless inflammatory reaction, which may sometimes require the use of cortisone.

The final result is 10 days, until the product is positioned correctly.


Lip augmentation and wrinkle filling without injections

inflate your mouth without a needle


A doll's mouth without pain...

Usually, the volume offered ranges between 0.5 and 1.0ml, but is adaptable to any request.

The act is billed at €100

Each 0.5ml is charged 100€

So base price: €200 with 0.5ml included

Note that we prefer to use a fairly small volume in order to keep a very natural appearance, and a FREE touch-up is offered to you within the following 10 days if necessary,in case of left/right asymmetry. 

If you wish to increase your lips further at a later date, the usual price of the consultation, the procedure and the volume will be charged.


Filling of nasolabial folds

The price for filling nasolabial folds is €100 per 0.5ml. Unlike the lips, there is no charge for the procedure, because it is a much simpler and faster technique.

We will advise you on the best technique during your appointment, as it is possible to fill with hyaluronic acid, but also with PDO filaments, or other treatments.

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Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos
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