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HIFU facelift without surgery in Nice


La Biorésonance - Qu'est-ce que c'est? 


La biorésonance consiste à enregistrer et à modifier, avec deux appareils particuliers (Metahunter & Bioplasm), les ondes électromagnétiques émises par le corps. Celles-ci présentent un spectre ou "résonance" typique pour chaque personne, formé de parties harmonieuses (saines) et discordantes (malades).


Les signaux émis par le corps sont captés par des électrodes, transmis dans un appareil où ils seront modifiés et renvoyés dans le corps au moyen d'autres électrodes. Cette opération permet d'éliminer les ondes malsaines et d'activer le potentiel d'auto-guérison du corps. 

Cette thérapie énergétique enrichie des  nouvelles technologies de la médecine quantique met à jour les véritables causes des maladies - souvent dissimulées. C’est une thérapie douce, sans médicament.


Important: La Biorésonance peut aider à un meilleur diagnostic mais ne remplace en aucun cas une consultation avec votre médecin. N'arrêtez pas non plus votre traitement en cours sans l'avis de ce dernier.

Obtain up to 70% results from a surgical facelift, and without intervention

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Facelift without surgery - Focused ultrasound Ulthéra in Nice



As we age, it is inevitable that the skin sags and loses elasticity. There are many more or less effective techniques to remedy this, including surgery. For those who do not want surgery, and keep a natural face, focused ultrasound, plasma arc lifting“Plama Lift” Orthermageare the ideal alternative to a facelift to treat:


  •  > “Drooping” eyelids

  •  > The oval of the relaxed face

  •  >The double chin

  •  > Sagging skin (jowls for example)

  •  > Laxity of the skin of the body, at the neckline, arms but also the thighs or stomach



Who is Ulthera-type focused ultrasound for?


Ultheratherapy is aimed at women and men who wish to restore tension to their face, limbs or any other part of their body, without resorting to cosmetic surgery. This process, very effective and non-invasive, is like thermage: there are very few contraindications. However, for the body we recommend thermage which is more effective, while we have a slight preference for the Ulthera type for the face, especially the neck and lower face.

To do this, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the skin at depth (more than 60°C to approximately 4.5 mm), which will thus give rise to a retraction of the internal tissues and activate or reactivate the production of collagen molecules. This sensation can be painful, the heat caused is not pleasant. On the other hand, there are no particular periods of the year to carry out this treatment and it can be practiced on all skin types.

The session lasts from 30 minutes (eyelids) to two hours (face and neck) depending on the depth and surface area of the area to be treated, but the advantage is that you can return to normal life immediately afterwards, with possible some redness.
Expect minimal side effects, such as increased but transient sensitivity, which fades within a few days following treatment.

The result is not necessarily visible immediately, it is recommended to wait 2 to 3 months after the session to see a real result, which will be definitive around the 8th month post-treatment.

After two months, a check-up appointment will be made. If necessary, a small touch-up will be made (included in the base price).

There are very few contraindications, however only the specialist will be able to confirm the feasibility of this treatment after an initial consultation, which is obligatory andoffered. 


lFocused ultrasound is a fantastic and effective technology, but it requires very good equipment and perfect mastery...

In the interest of always doing better and always getting as close as possible to excellence, we systematically end HIFU treatments with a little Thermage and/or LEDs.

Other more specialized protocols may be offered to you in order to also treat luminosity, spots or even skin texture.



COMPLETE CARE IN ONE SESSION + touch-ups at two months included

Flat rate prices for HIFU treatment in Nice

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