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Soins anti-age Nice samana esthétique

Soins anti-relâchement
& anti-age

Dites au revoir aux rides, ridules, taches, cicatrices...

Very often, prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to aesthetics. At EstheMed, our experts are constantly at the forefront of the best in rejuvenation, being in continuous training, and always on the lookout for the latest technologies. Thanks to aesthetic medicine and new, increasingly efficient devices, the age of surgical facelifts is increasingly receding, if not literally obsolete.

Take care of your skin, restore a harmonious line to your face, say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, spots, scars... Each person will have a precise and 100% personalized assessment, which will result in an exclusive protocol, made for you and only for you, made by experts with Swiss devices for the most part as well as cosmetics made in Spain for the most part. No Chinese products, only quality and the best will be offered to you at EstheMed

Lifting sans chirurgie à Nice (06)

Bilan personnalisé

Having nearly ten latest technology devices, we will be able to see together what you are looking for, what your expectations are and, more concretely, what we are able to guarantee you. Advanced Aesthetics is such a broad and specific field that it is essential to meet with one of our specialists before beginning a treatment, so that we are both certain that this is the right path to take, which will help us will directly lead to an optimal result! Make an appointment today for a free, no-obligation assessment; | By telephone: 06,955 79,225  or by email

Lifting sans chirurgie

HIFU, or focused ultrasound, is the best in facelift without surgery. They can be used to reshape the face, but thanks to new devices, also the body. Ultherapy is particularly recommended for the oval of the face.



Thermage is fractional and thermal radiofrequency. The idea is to significantly increase the intra-dermal temperature in order to reform new collagen fibers. Very effective for the face AND body

Mésothérapie Électroporation
Avec et sans aiguilles

There anti-wrinkle mesotherapy consists of penetrating active ingredients concentrated into the heart of the skin by micro injections, with a derma roller or by electroporation. Exclusively at EstheMed: Mesoporation  ®

IPL au service des rides

In case of dull complexion, fine lines, rosacea, enlarged pores, we have the solution: Photorejuvenation.

Using a specific spectrum of pulsed light, you will obtain in a few sessions a radiant complexion, clear and even skin.


Technology from NASA, LEDs, or "photomodulation" are the gentle and effective solution to many skin problems: spots, fine lines, acne, hair loss, stretch marks... 100% without contraindication, for Men, Women and Teenagers


An old and recognized technique, anti-wrinkle radiofrequency effectively helps fight against sagging skin. Useful on the body and face to redensify the skin

Innovation 2018

ThermoLift is a brand new Radiofrequency, penetrating deeper into the dermis, without pain, and limiting hot sensations during treatment. Visible results from the first session

Russian lips et acide hyaluroniqe par médecin à Nice (06)
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Hyaluronic acid prevents your skin from aging, wrinkling and withering. It is essential, after a certain age, to supplement your skin with this acid in order to preserve its “eternal” youth.

Jet Lift

The Plasma Jet Lift is the brand new arrival (with the Thermolift) of 2018!

This involves carrying out a real facelift without surgery, thanks to electric arc technology which allows membrane depolarization. The results are satisfactory and sustainable


Get a new look with fruit acid, glycolic or other types of peels depending on your skin, to regain beautiful skin texture, radiance and softness. Treatments offered from October to March only

Nos protocoles

Each person is unique and each skin is just as unique... This is why it is essential to have a treatment that meets your exact expectations, made to measure. However, we have some anti-wrinkle "packages" that we invite you to discover...

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