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traitement minceur Nice - Samana esthétique


Écoute, personnalisation, précision et excellence sont nos maîtres-mots.

Pioneers in cryolipolysis, we offer patented slimming treatments developed by our teams of specialists that you will not find anywhere else, and for good reason:we are the sole holders of numerous patented protocols.
More than 30 latest generation devices allow us to offer you the best in the world of cutting-edge aesthetics: HIFU, Medical CE cryolipolysis, 360° cryolipolysis with EMS, infrared pressotherapy, ultra-cavitation, laser, IPL , photorejuvenation, mesotherapy, ultrasound, radiofrequency, lipolaser, shock waves, microneedling, Infinite fractional radiofrequency, etc.
Meet everyone's expectations as best as possible, determine together the best treatment in order to obtain the results you want; is our absolute goal.
Listening, personalization, precision and excellence are our watchwords.

Soins minceur
& anti-relâchement


Les soins..
Pour les poils! 

Permanent hair removal for men & women, and classic hair removal

Fed up with these hairs that are ruining your life? Why not opt for permanent hair removal with laser or pulsed light? For the less "brave", we also offer classic waxing, but pssst! A secret.... With the latest generation diode lasers, permanent hair removal has become almost painless! ;)

Les soins mixtes pour être
Troooooop beaux ou belles! 

Appearance is essential in our society! White teeth, dark skin, perfect complexion and crazy hair... Discover dental whitening treatments, tanning (self-tanning shower) and treatments for hair that is falling out or weakening...

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