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FREE Trial Session - Does laser hair removal in Nice really work?

Bikini Laser hair removal Nice (06)

In Nice, laser hair removal is becoming very fashionable, but it's hard to know who is doing what, or with which technique. That's why we offer you a brief overview of everything related to permanent hair removal, laser hair removal, intense pulsed light (IPL), electric hair removal, etc.

Why choose Quadriband Diode Laser Hair Removal in Nice?

At Samana Nice, we offer quadriband diode laser hair removal, but what does this jargon mean???

In summary, there are 3 types of lasers for hair removal: YAG, alexandrite, and diode. YAG and alexandrite are quite old lasers, proven effective, but terribly painful and unable to treat all skin types.

Then, in 2016/2017, the diode laser appeared, which is special for being used with a gel, in continuous motion, much less aggressive, and can provide good results in permanent hair removal for all skin types, even the darkest.

Recently, a new type of laser has emerged: the QUADRIBAND diode laser, which combines the three frequencies of the alexandrite, YAG, and diode lasers in one device. Therefore, we can offer very effective, fast, and above all, painless permanent hair removal sessions for white, dark, Asian, and mixed skin types!

Is laser hair removal in Nice less effective without pain?

It's precisely this painless aspect that confuses people, having all been accustomed to suffering for effectiveness, but the good news is that this is a thing of the past! This laser is truly remarkably effective and, moreover, painless.

Any doubts? It's quite legitimate... That's why we offer you a completely free and non-binding trial session during which you can ask all your questions, and you will see for yourself the effectiveness of our devices and the absolute comfort of the treatment.

Laser hair removal is currently the best method, compared to IPL or electric hair removal. Generally, IPL is less effective, cannot treat all skin or hair types, and the treatment is quite painful depending on the areas. Electric hair removal is hardly practiced anymore, except for some areas of the face or white hair, which cannot be treated by laser hair removal.

Finally, we want to warn you against common misconceptions: just because a laser center is expensive, it doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Always inquire about the type of device, the type of laser, and if in doubt, ask to do a test on a small area before starting your laser hair removal sessions in Nice. This way, you will see the effectiveness and the professionalism of the staff...

underarm laser hair removal Nice (06)

Looking for more information?

Our team is at your disposal for a free, no-obligation appointment. You can book it directly on our website by clicking HERE or by phone at!

We will be delighted to answer all your questions and to clarify your goals.

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