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Medical Cryolipolysis in Nice - Guaranty

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What is Cryolipolysis in Nice?

Cryolipolysis arrived in France about a decade ago but really took off around 2016. Originating from the United States, cryolipolysis is an aesthetic medical technique aimed at permanently losing our little bulges thanks to the cold.

Losing Weight with Cold Through Cryolipolysis in Nice, How Does It Work?

Researchers accidentally discovered that fat cells (adipose cells) cannot withstand the cold. So, they developed devices that isolate fat in large suction cups and freeze it to kill and permanently eliminate fat cells.

At Samana, we are among the pioneers of cryolipolysis in Nice. We brought CRYO to Cannes in 2012 and have since performed several thousand cryolipolysis treatments between Cannes and Nice, where we also manage a specialized slimming clinic. Cryolipolysis is truly our flagship treatment; we even hold several patented protocols related to cryolipolysis and fat loss.

However, as with all fashion trends, many small institutes have sprung up without any prior training and equipped with low-value Chinese devices. As a result, cryolipolysis, which initially is a VERY effective treatment, lost its prestige because too many inexperienced practitioners with very poor equipment wrongly entered the race. That's why, at Samana, we guarantee the results of our cryolipolysis sessions in writing, because this treatment cannot fail when it is properly administered, to the right people, and with high-quality equipment.

--> Don't look any further, we are the only ones who do this :-)

We have numerous devices, 17 different sized applicators to best match your curves for perfect results. The treatment rooms are very large (about 15m2), equipped with television, Netflix, and everything to make your session pleasant.

At Samana, we don't like cramped little cabins, and we have so many devices that it's necessary to have enough space anyway.

We invite you to contact us at 0642058800 to set up a free, no-obligation appointment during which we will conduct a personalized assessment and explain the major differences between medical cryolipolysis, thermal shock cryolipolysis, and cryo-liposculpture.

You can also book an appointment online by simply clicking HERE.

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